Battling Federal Gun boats on the Yazoo River

The 3rd Texas Cavalry now had a chance to rest and though it was bitterly cold, they did have a chance to renew their spirit. On February 1st, in response to a call from General Ross, they volunteered to a man to reenlist for the duration of the war.

Ross’s Texas Brigade was to be heavily engaged by the morning of the 3rd of February when they set up an ambush for Federal Troops steaming up the Yazoo River. The Federals had wanted to attack and hold Yazoo city as it was located in an area that was strategically located on the river. General Ross meant to keep the Federals from having it. He order the Texas Brigade to assault the Federal Gun and Troop boats as they travel up the river.

The 3rd Texas was concealed beneath some rugged bluffs over looking the Yazoo. Ross open up with his artillery and the battle was on. The battle continued till dusk and resumed the next day. The battle still continued as the brigade shifted down stream and attacked as the river bends. The advance was effectively delayed and the Texas Brigade was herald as heroes from the nearby town.