Texas (Cavalry) Brigade at Oakland

The 3rd Texas was assigned along the Tallahatchie River and fended off repeated attempts to outflank the army as they were on mounted guard duty to guard the flanks. They were engaged in several skirmishes. The 3rd Texas was now part of a mounted force called the Texas Brigade. Lt.Col Griffith now commanded this brigade. The Texas Brigade consisted of 1,264 cavalrymen and four artillery pieces. General Van Dorn ordered the brigade to intercept enemy raiders and drive then off. Griffith’s Texas Brigade chased had engaged and chased the Yankee to a place called Oakland. The engagement lasted about an hour and Company C of the 3rd Texas distinguished itself. The Texan’s charged the battery "with a wild, defiant shout" and seized it. They were able to haul off several wagon loads on Union supplies before being force to pull out.